Shirley Mann-published author-apparently

So, the toe in the water of getting an agent ( the wonderful Kate Barker) very quickly led on the exciting but terrifying offer of a two-book deal from Bonnier Zaffre publishers. The first one, ‘Lily’s War’ will be published in January 2020 and the second one, “Bobby’s War’ will follow a year later.

This has thrown me into a new world where I stumble over the words when people ask what I do for a living. I sort of mumble a conglomeration of the words ‘journalist’ and ‘author’ and no one is any the wiser- let alone me.

Anyway, I have nine months before the first book- about a WAAF in Bomber Command and a soldier in the 8th Army – reaches the book shelves, so I’m going live off the assumption that the unsuspecting public will love it. I’ve got 9 months before anyone reads it and anyone knows any different so I’m going to make the most of it!

I’ve just finished the first draft of the second one, about an Air Transport Auxiliary pilot and I’m ridiculously excited about this new career.

I’m thrilled to have been taken on by Bonnier Zaffre- they publish Wilbur Smith and Lynda La Plante for heaven’s sake! I’m going to be part of their Memory Lane branding with authors such as Rosie Goodwin and Sheila Newberry. I feel famous already!

So, I’ll keep you posted, hopefully more regularly than I’ve been doing recently but come on, I’ve been frantically scribbling…a proper author’s got deadlines, don’t you know!

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