Groundhog Day

Welcome to Monday. Hang on, is it Monday? Is it still April? Are we still in this grim parallel universe?

I feel like asking in a mystical, deep voice: “Is there anyone there?”

I remember at University doing philosophy as part of my English course and the theory of solipsism ( had to look it up, couldn’t remember what it was called ) but it’s where you question what exists if you walk out of the room. Is it still there? So, are you all figments of my imagination only seen on a screen? I remember as a student, walking out of the room and quickly re-opening the door to check but then realised I was not following the rules. Philosophy always made me feel like that and now this virus is doing the same thing. I can’t see it but it’s dominating and changing my life and, to be honest, the novelty has worn off.

Nothing is urgent any more but fortunately, I’ve finished the second draft of book 2 so I have no immediate deadlines. I’m organising a Zoom Q and A for next week ( watch social media for details) and wondering whether anyone will want to participate. The one good thing about lockdown is that people are reading ‘Lily’s War’ and, excuse my blushes, loving it. It’s really cheering me up. 79% of people are giving it 5* and 16% are giving it 4*…that amounts to 95% of you are loving it! I did get one 1* but even he said ( you knew it was a he, didn’t you?) it was a decently researched book before saying he didn’t like the cover! I’m thrilled at the range of people who are liking it and strangely, the number of men who are enjoying it. I think they like the parallel story of Lily, the WAAF and Danny, who’s in the 8th Army. Lots of people who don’t like saga books are contacting me to say they were surprised how much they liked it too. When I wrote this novel, I never thought I would get this far and every time someone takes the time to review it or contact me directly gives me such a thrill that I forget for a minute that we are in a dystopian movie, and that, people, is worth a huge amount.

I hope a book- obviously, I hope it’s mine- but any book, is taking you out of the real world for a bit too. If you’re struggling, then maybe try what I did and write one and you never know, if you listen into my online talk, you may even think…well, if she can do it, I’m damned sure I can too.

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