‘I don’t want to win awards’ she said.

When I started to write ‘Lily’s War’, I met a friend who is also an author. I very blithely stated that I just wanted to create a well-written page-turner.. nah, wasn’t interested in awards.

Well, apparently, I lied.

I’m ridiculously delighted to say that ‘Bobby’s War’ has been shortlisted in the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year awards. I know! How exciting is that? I’ve known since before Christmas so have had to sit on my hands and bite my lip so I didn’t tell anyone. The final is on 8th March but I’m in the saga section and up against some very seasoned writers so I’m making the most of this moment of fame, believe me.

However, I do keep practising my Sandra Bullock Miss Congeniality acceptance speech and I’ve got the hand-over-the-mouth moment off to fine art. Just saying.

Normally, the Romantic Novelists’ Association hold a posh event in London but it stands to reason I’d get the year when the most I’ll be able to muster is a bit of lippie in front of the laptop on the sofa. But hey, who cares? I’ve only been nominated for- and won- one other thing in my life and that was in my previous life and I’m not sure I could still get in the little black dress I bought for that occasion but I promise, I will try to change out of the black leggings I’ve worn since Lockdown began and put on a frock. Not sure I can still walk in heels though. It’s so special that at my rather advanced age (!) I’ve done something I never thought I’d do AND somewhere, there’s a panel of people who think I’m OK at it. It just shows, we should never give up.

‘Bobby’s War’ is out in e form now but will be out in paperback on 19th March so I’m assuming I’ll be able to have a little sticker that says: ‘Shortlisted for the RNA Saga Novel of the Year’ award on it (at least) and then I really will be unbearable.

I veer between being really ambitious for this new career of mine and thinking, hey, what does it matter? I’ve done more than I ever thought I could do but there’s that little bit of me that wonders where this path is taking me. Part of me is thrilled and the other part is, between you and I, terrified. I think it’s a female thing and certainly an older female thing, don’t you? What really helps is when you come with me. I love hearing from you and your encouragement is what keeps me going.

So this news has been a really bright little moment in the midst of a very odd beginning to 2021. How are you all doing? It’s going on a bit, isn’t it? But I really hope you’re all keeping well and are doing lots of reading. I had my first dose of vaccine today..yep, the Oxford one, so hope it works.

Keep an eye out for updates on the result of the awards..if I’m very quiet, you’ll know why! But, do you know what? I’ve been shortlisted for an award, and no-one can ever take that away from me.

3 thoughts on “‘I don’t want to win awards’ she said.

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  1. Well done Sheila. I will be holding my breath for you and believe me that will be no mean feat what with old age and COPD.
    I loved Bobby’s War . I use Audible all the time. Sheer laziness but like listening.
    Good luck.


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