Lockdown breakout!

OK, I admit it, Lockdown has been good for writing but what it's been rubbish for is research. I can't tell you how fed up I am at trying to get squashed images on Google Maps to show me the terrain, the buildings or routes for my heroine to travel. So as soon as I... Continue Reading →

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Only gone and won an award!

At 4pm on Monday, I was painting a kitchen wall Rectory Red. By 7.20, I was an award winning author. Fortunately, you'll be glad to know, I'd managed to change out of my paint-smeared clothes for the occasion. It was International Women's Day, and the day when I was so proud to be one of... Continue Reading →

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Sharing the journey

It's eight years since I started writing 'Lily's War'. It was a reaction to a couple of things-firstly, to try to rediscover my mum after she died at the age of 90. Anyone with an elderly relative will understand that in the last few years of life, you can lose sight of the younger person... Continue Reading →

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Groundhog Day

Welcome to Monday. Hang on, is it Monday? Is it still April? Are we still in this grim parallel universe? I feel like asking in a mystical, deep voice: "Is there anyone there?" I remember at University doing philosophy as part of my English course and the theory of solipsism ( had to look it... Continue Reading →

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So it’s official!

I am a published author! Well, it’s on e books at the moment, the paperback version is coming out on 23rd Jan. The publishers emphasised this was a soft launch so I didn’t really get too excited but then everyone around me started to make a fuss and I suddenly thought: “No, this is a... Continue Reading →

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Radio silence

Hello everyone, did you miss me? I'm sorry I've been off the radar for such a long time but I've been in Bridget's world, which may be an imaginary world for you, but to me, it needs to be a parallel universe that I nip in and out of on a regular basis until the... Continue Reading →

‘I don’t want to win awards’ she said.

When I started to write 'Lily's War', I met a friend who is also an author. I very blithely stated that I just wanted to create a well-written page-turner.. nah, wasn't interested in awards. Well, apparently, I lied. I'm ridiculously delighted to say that 'Bobby's War' has been shortlisted in the RNA Romantic Novel of... Continue Reading →

Piecing together a character- one bit at a time

So anyone still out there? Not hiding under the duvet? Tempting though isn't it? Enough of this Covid nonsense ( Oh, yes please!) I'm starting to think about a talk I'm doing in December entitled 'It's never too late to write a novel' - you can book to join it on Zoom here: https://www.wherecanwego.com/item/e1426299/its-never-too-late-to-write-a-novel-an-online-wirksworth-heritage-centre-talk-by-local-author-shir -... Continue Reading →

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