Radio silence

Hello everyone, did you miss me? I'm sorry I've been off the radar for such a long time but I've been in Bridget's world, which may be an imaginary world for you, but to me, it needs to be a parallel universe that I nip in and out of on a regular basis until the... Continue Reading →

Lockdown breakout!

OK, I admit it, Lockdown has been good for writing but what it's been rubbish for is research. I can't tell you how fed up I am at trying to get squashed images on Google Maps to show me the terrain, the buildings or routes for my heroine to travel. So as soon as I... Continue Reading →

Only gone and won an award!

At 4pm on Monday, I was painting a kitchen wall Rectory Red. By 7.20, I was an award winning author. Fortunately, you'll be glad to know, I'd managed to change out of my paint-smeared clothes for the occasion. It was International Women's Day, and the day when I was so proud to be one of... Continue Reading →

‘I don’t want to win awards’ she said.

When I started to write 'Lily's War', I met a friend who is also an author. I very blithely stated that I just wanted to create a well-written page-turner.. nah, wasn't interested in awards. Well, apparently, I lied. I'm ridiculously delighted to say that 'Bobby's War' has been shortlisted in the RNA Romantic Novel of... Continue Reading →

Piecing together a character- one bit at a time

So anyone still out there? Not hiding under the duvet? Tempting though isn't it? Enough of this Covid nonsense ( Oh, yes please!) I'm starting to think about a talk I'm doing in December entitled 'It's never too late to write a novel' - you can book to join it on Zoom here: -... Continue Reading →

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