First gigs!

So this week, I’m doing two panels in my new official role as an author apparent. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. I mean I don’t get published for another nine months so I feel a bit of a fraud really, but at least I have nine months from now to convince people I’m a brilliant writer before they find out any different!

The first is this one

It’s on in Manchester when I’m joining a prestigious panel of writers ( yep, I’m the new girl…and the oldest!) as part of a celebration of International Women’s Day when I will be talking about the wonderful WAAFs I talked to for ‘Lily’s War’ and, OK, it’s possible I may mention the book.

The second is as part of a panel with the wonderful Tricia Durdey ( The Green Table) chaired by Carol Taylor, at the Wirksworth Book Festival.

I’ve roped the family in because it’s a birthday weekend. I’ve just warned them…no heckling!

So, do come and say hello if you’re in the vicinity of either of them.

And wish me luck!

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