So it’s official!

I am a published author! Well, it’s on e books at the moment, the paperback version is coming out on 23rd Jan. The publishers emphasised this was a soft launch so I didn’t really get too excited but then everyone around me started to make a fuss and I suddenly thought: “No, this is a big deal!”

Then I heard I had had two five star reviews on Net Galley and I had to go for a walk up the hill to calm down! I was a nervous wreck, wondering what the hell I’d done, what if it sells lots, what if it only sells a few, what if people don’t like it? So many worries!

Then I went into a book shop and realised how many books there are out there vying for space and it occurred to me that my little ‘Lily’s War’ is really going to have to wave it’s tiny flag very high if it’s going to get noticed and do you know what..I’ve still got a book published in my name and that was more than I ever expected.

As a very good friend of mine ( also a published author) said: ‘Make sure you celebrate every step of the journey’. So, it’s Friday, it’s 6pm and I’m going to get the wine out. Well done me!

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Click here to buy on Waterstones.

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