Keep calm and carry on

We’re all doomed! Apparently. Oh help, so what do we do? We’re supposed to be going on holiday at the weekend to Cyprus and although I’m packing, I’m not sure we should be going and the Whatsapps are coming in thick and fast from our daughters as to why their very elderly parents shouldn’t be going! I feel fine, I think I’ll go for a walk ( as per Monty Python). But it is hard to know what to do, isn’t it? Every time I feel that little threat of panic rising I remind myself of the war years when they really did keep calm and carry on.

Last week, I went to London- wearing gloves on the tube and washing my hands regularly, obviously- but I really did have a great time. I met my publisher for a cup of tea and then went to meet a former WAAF plotter at the Battle of Britain Bunker. 95 year old Helen Mills was just a joy and a reminder of the British spirit that got us through the Second World War.

She was so funny, she couldn’t wait to take me round the exhibition to give me a personal assessment of it all. She giggled as she picked up the telephone with her own audio memories, tutted as she looked at the picture of the plotting map with about 20 WAAFs round it (‘We had to move around the table really fast, so we certainly didn’t have 20 at one time’) and she curled her hair around her finger to show me how they wore shoelaces in their hair to make those iconic 40s’ hairstyles. Then we had tea and cake.

She shrugged her shoulders when we talked about Corona virus, it seemed small fry when compared with having bombs dropped on you.

So, take heart, people. We’ve been through worse and we will get through this. Off to wash my hands now.

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